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 No. 6  - Art of Deception: Pres Obama & The War in The Womb

Obama’s campaign slogan may promise “Change you can believe in!” But should you believe him? Although you may have heard of Obama’s regrettable relationships with the Reverend Wright, Father Pfleger, and Tony Rezko, you have never heard his real mentors named by any of the mega-media conglomerates (ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, NPR, et al), mainly because of the CFR’s control of the visual media as well as the print media. Are the American taxpayers and voters being deceived by who Barack Obama claims to be as opposed to whom he really is and represents? Actually, the very Global Elitists, who are dismantling the sovereignty and wealth of the American people, control Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has been groomed and trained by the global elitist “Establishment” to become the next President of the United States, in which case a U. S. President Obama will answer personally to his mentors and continue to promote a New World Order agenda at the expense of the already severely weakened sovereignty of the United States. The 2004 Democratic National Convention launched Barack Obama into the national spotlight in his premier speech in which the CFR trained media talking heads were already prepared to draw comparisons between the Harvard educated Obama with President John F. Kennedy.

Later on as a primary candidate, he immediately became best known for attempting to captivate younger voters by claiming to have voted against the Iraq oil war, continuously criticizing it's handling and massaging voters heartstrings by emphasizing the human suffering and loss, and the injury and death of our American troops. However, his interest in human life and his own heartstrings do not appear to extend to the innocent life growing in a mother’s womb.
Obama has a 100% pro-abortion voting record and is adamantly and at times angrily militant in support of “settled law” with Roe v. Wade.

What does it say about the true character of a candidate who claims disingenuously to be a Christian, when he chooses “settled law” over the “settled science” that human life begins at the very moment of conception and that the interruption of that life at any point thereafter results in the murder of an otherwise yet to-be-born child?

In one “You Tube” video, pro-abortion Obama can be heard dismissing even his own potential grandchildren with the angry comment: “I don’t want one of my daughters saddled with an unwanted pregnancy!” As far as his pro-abortion stance, supporters fear not that he will cross them, since he enjoys a 100% endorsement from NARAL – the National Abortion Rights Action League - and Planned Parenthood - the nation’s largest abortion provider, which grossed a record $1 billion in 2007, partially due to Federal and state funding of your taxpayer dollars in an amount in excess of $300 million.

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