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No. 7 - Art of Deception: Pres Obama & The Oil Wars

Although Obama preaches against the Iraq Oil War, he is only opposed to the Iraq war in his “posturing” – implementing the “Art of Deception” - an old CFR trick designed to mislead the “common people” in one direction while actually implementing actions in the opposite direction. Obama has been deceptively packaged by his CFR handlers with the support of other militaryindustrial complex lobbying firms and nongovernmental organizations who seek further US military operations, particularly to seize and secure more of the world’s oil fields and reserves – not for the people of the United States, but for the CFR member big oil corporations who got us into Iraq in the first place.

Perhaps you should decide: Is Obama intentionally sending a deceptive message to his constituency? In a speech given to the American Israeli Political Action Committee, Obama outlines a plan for continued U.S. Military dominance in the Middle East. Specifically, Obama pledges unfaltering military support to Israel. As directed by the CFR Neo- Cons, the U. S. has long supported Israel. This year Israel will receive $30 billion for defense. In turn, Israel has been second only to Russia in providing military hardware and technology to China. Regarding Iran's nuclear program, Obama states "We should take no option, including military action, off the table".

The US has already constructed massive permanent military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan to serve as hubs for an invasion into Iran. Obama knows that his planned pullout of Iraq is also posturing, and he knows that he is lying to and deceiving the American people. As President, Obama will lead us into another Oil War with Iran, as directed by his CFR advisors. The fleet of aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf continues to grow, while CFR politicians and CFR media talking heads simultaneously hype a nonexistent or at best weakened enemy that merits no threat to the United States. This reckless policy leaves the U.S. on the brink of full-scale war at all times.

Obama differed from many of the other CFR presidential candidates by admitting the Iraq war was heavily motivated by Iraq's oil reserves, therefore currying the favor of younger voters and liberals. At the time that the Iraqi oil fields were seized by our U. S. troops and put under the control of CFR member big oil firms, the cost of gas at the retail pump in the U.S. was approximately $1.28 per gallon. Although the U. S. troops had seized the world’s second largest oil reserves, the big oil companies that profited from the invasion began to accelerate the price of gas eventually to over $4.00 per gallon. Come to think of it: On the night of “Shock and Awe” when we all sat down to our TV sets to watch the spectacular bombing of Baghdad, we were all blissfully unaware that the real target of the Iraq invasion – the oil fields – had already been militarily secured by both the U.S. Armed Forces and private paramilitary operators primarily under the direction of Vice President Dick Cheney’s Haliburton.

The Iraq Oil War now ranks as one of the greatest scams perpetrated on the American taxpayer since the CFR engineered the Great Depression. In this ongoing war, Haliburton arranged to be the exclusive bidder on the U. S. Treasury’s blank check to profit from the war. Although several Congressmen not aligned with the CFR attempted to initiate a Congressional investigation into Haliburton’s war profiteering, the interest in prosecuting Halliburton seemed to wane after the company’s executives performed an overnight move of the corporate records from its former headquarters in Houston, TX to its new Middle East headquarters in Dubai out of the watchful eye of the few honest politicians who dared challenge CFR Cheney and CFR Haliburton.

Iran has some of the most lucrative oilfields in the region, and provides energy to Asia and Europe. Other Arab countries, Russia, and China will react strongly to a U.S. military disruption of the world’s energy supplies. Meddling in other countries' foreign affairs has spurred backlash against the U.S. before. This phenomenon is referred to by the CIA as "blowback", or the consequences from provoking unwarranted actions (Unfortunately, the CIA itself is strongly influenced by the Rockefeller interests and has close ties to the CFR.)

CFR member Obama appeared to outline his ambitious geopolitical plans in a recent essay for Foreign Affairs magazine, published by the Council on Foreign Relations. In reality, Obama’s foreign affairs positions are dictated to him by his CFR handlers, primarily Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller’s hatchet man and Obama’s controller. Brzezinski’s daughter, Mika Brzezinski, is the MSNBC Co-host of the “Morning Joe” Show, which is a great opportunity for viewers to experience the CFR propaganda machine first-hand and to witness frequent guest appearances by Mika’s dad touting Obama for President.

Reportedly, Mika Brzezinski will be appointed as Communications Director of the Obama White House. Viewers of the “Morning Joe” program may observe how softly and smoothly Mika Brzezinski and her cohorts introduce “socialism” into the mainstream consciousness of their viewers – a subtle form of mass mind control – designed to gradually introduce and make acceptable the concept of a “socialist state” in America. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Architect of Socialist America, and his CFR cronies like to keep the power and control over the U.S. elections very closely held, kind of like “All in the Family.” His son, Mark Brzezinski, a lawyer who served on President Clinton's National Security Council is also an Obama “foreign affairs advisor.” Brzezinski's other son, Ian Brzezinski, is currently employed as an “advisor” to the John McCain presidential campaign.

One thing is for certain, regardless of the U.S. elections outcome, the President Elect’s U.S. Cabinet appointees and other high-level appointed Federal positions will be chosen from the ranks of the CFR membership. Barack Obama has recently anounced as his future White House economic advisor CFR Paul Volcker, a David Rockefeller product, also past Chairman of the Federal Reserve and former North American Chairman of the Trilateral Commission. Additionally, it would certainly not be a surprise to find Obama’s latest supporter CFR Colin Powell in the White House as a CFR advisor during the escalation of the oil wars.

With Paul Volcker and Zbigniew Brzezinski’s lead, all of the key staff positions in Obama’s White House will be filled by CFR clones, dedicated to a New World Order, a one-world government, and the diminution of the sovereignty of the USA into a repressive socialist USSA – The United States of Socialist America! In order for the CFR to expand the U.S. war-making capabilities in the Oil Wars, expect to see a new “crisis” emerge during the new presidency creating a need for a “draft” to expand the ranks of the U.S. military.

If a CFR President McCain called for the resurrection of the Draft Boards to provide soldiers, the young people would respond as they did during the Vietnam era, burning draft cards, picketing schools in protest, and refusing to serve. But if President Barack Obama makes an impassioned mesmerizing TV address urging young Americans to answer their country’s call to bear arms, Obama will have the full support of the liberal media, and our children will be brainwashed into fighting and dieing in another war that should never have been created. “Change you can believe in?” or more of the same from the CFR controlled New World Order White House? Now you know why Barack Obama is the chosen New World Order Candidate. Only when and if the control of the CFR is fully exposed and eliminated will the voters have a real democratic choice!

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