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Fast Lane to Heaven (Autographed) - 20% Discount Applied

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From Ned Dougherty, the founder of the Mission of Angels Foundation, comes the inspirational work: Fast Lane to Heaven:

  • Find out what could make a wealthy businessman abandon power, drug addiction, and moneymaking schemes for a life of spiritual purpose.
  • The vivid recollections of a man who died briefly and saw firsthand the Other Side, the mysteries of the afterlife.
  • Describes the author’s life-changing encounters with the "Lady of Light" while he was clinically dead, and later in his life on Long Island, New York and at Zeitoun, Egypt.
  • Details the author's future visions, including the following prediction, published six months before September 11, 2001: 
    "A major terrorist attack may befall New York City or Washington, DC, severely impacting the way we live in the United States."

Ned Dougherty lived a life that anyone searching for power and material wealth would deem successful - until the 1984 incident that caused his death. While medical personnel struggled to restart his silent heart, Dougherty left his body and experienced a series of events so vivid and unusual that they profoundly changed his life.

The experience opened the door to encounters with various aspects of the divine spirit, including the Lady of Light, a being Dougherty believes is also the Virgin Mary. To Dougherty and others who have experienced her presence, the Lady is both guide and teacher, fostering spiritual advancement and sharing the Creator’s plan for humankind.

In Ned Dougherty's words:
"After an altercation at my Hamptons, Long Island, nightclub, I collapsed in an alleyway, went into cardiac arrest, and had a profound near-death experience. Following a painful life review, a "Lady of Light" told me that I was going to write a book about what I was experiencing and that the book will become "a source of inspiration for people in search of their true spiritual nature."

"Ten years later, during a healing service at Our Lady of the Island Shrine in Eastport, New York, I was prayed over by a priest and a visionary woman who had been receiving messages from the Virgin Mary. This visionary woman delivered a message to me concerning the book that I was about to write: "You have known for a long time what you have to do. Now it is time!" Shortly after, I began to write Fast Lane to Heaven". Its publication is the fulfillment of the Lady of Light's prophecy. 

A personally autographed edition of the book can be ordered by providing special instructions below. Who should the book be signed to? (your name, gift recipient’s name, etc). The book can also be dedicated to a family member, friend, or loved one.

Fast Lane to Heaven (Autographed) - 20% Discount Applied

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