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Apr 17, 2011 - Holy Love

"I am your Jesus, born Incarnate." 

"I have come to reinstate in your hearts confidence in the Refuge of My Mother's Immaculate Heart. Her Heart is the certain stronghold of safety offered to the world during these most troubled times. My Mother's Heart is impregnable to the dangers of the soul. It is spiritual well-being that must be sought after and maintained. For what would physical security gain you if your soul slipped to perdition?" 

"Satan is in anxious fear over future events which you may never experience. Even if difficulties arise, you do not see now how the grace of My Provision will provide. While you are busy preparing for any possibility, the grace of the present moment is slipping away." 

"In Noah's day, he prepared at God's command. He constructed an ark amidst jeers and disbelief. Today the 'ark' is given to you - My Mother's Heart. You can only enter herein through trustful surrender to Holy Love." 

"I have not abandoned you. I have prepared the way. I have spoken to you the Truth."