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Jan 21, 2007 - Holy Love

As I (Maureen) was praying in my prayer room, a large Flame appeared. Then I heard a voice that said: "I am your Father in Heaven. All glory to the Holy Trinity." 

"The graces I pour through the Heart of the Immaculata into the heart of humanity lie unprecedented during these times. Also unprecedented are the ways in which Satan challenges My best efforts." 

"As I speak to you through the vision of this Flame of Eternal Love, I speak to the world through the apparitions of the Immaculata, Her Son and many Saints. How readily, what I allow by way of these graces, the Messages are summarily dismissed by those in whom I have entrusted authority. How easy it is for Satan to short-circuit My plans, My guidance, in the guise of discernment. Even here, where the spiritual journey leads the soul into My Divine Will, Satan has encouraged a cloud of controversy and suspicion to hide the reality of Heaven's intervention. You have offered up your reputation for the welfare of many." 

"Now I am asking you to lead souls into the Flame of Eternal Love with renewed vehemence, for time as you know it, is short. Trust that I, your Eternal Father, am more powerful than the enemy. I desire that the Remnant come to Me--to this Flame. I will protect them." 

"Pray for courage and I will give you peace."