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Sept 5, 2007 - Holy Love

Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation 

(This message was given in multiple parts.) 

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Their Hearts are exposed. Blessed Mother says: "Praise be to Jesus." Jesus says: "I am your Jesus, born Incarnate." 

Jesus: "These days have been a time of intense trial and purification for the entire Mission Heaven has established here on earth; but the result is a purified and well-supported Ministry." 

"Today I come to address the heart of mankind. I bend towards every heart, calling each one into the light of the First Chamber-to love God above all else and neighbor as self. Any ideology apart from this leads the soul away from salvation. This is God's Will for you. No one enters Heaven outside of God's Will." 

"You must be courageous in answering this call, which is one with personal holiness. Keep your eyes fixed on Me, and I will lead you across the waters of negative public opinion, calumnies and lies. The crosses will come and go. They are allowed to give you strength. If you surrender every trial to Me, Satan's ammunition quickly becomes your own shield of protection and strength." 

"You will only be as strong as your greatest weakness. Therefore, My little apostles, overcome your weaknesses by much prayer and sacrifice. Open your hearts to the truth of where your weaknesses lie, for this truth is your passport through the Chambers of Our United Hearts." 

"All of the souls who come here are precious to Me. It grieves Me to have them turned away by gossip, detractions and calumnies. Only Satan would encourage this, as he desires your demise-not your salvation-and certainly not your personal holiness." 

"The red dragon detests the Immaculate Heart of My Mother and does not want souls to be called into the purifying Flame of Her Heart. Understand--each one of you--that My Mother's Heart is the Gateway to the New Jerusalem, the path into My Father's Divine Will and the Refuge of Holy Love. Because My Mother's Heart is the means by which souls progress into Divine Love, Her Heart is calumnized by Satan as an unnecessary step towards personal sanctification. I am here to tell you that My Mother's Heart is the only path by which souls can address their needs to Me-spiritual, physical or emotional. Even those who do not recognize this truth pass through Her Heart to Me. I call you to faith, not controversy. Recognize My Mother as your advocate with humility. Do not serve the false god of prideful error." 

"My brothers and sisters, realize that within the boundaries of Holy Love lies the reconciliation of the heart of all mankind with the Heart of the Eternal Father. Therefore, it is within the commandments of love that peace in the world lies. When mankind is at peace, all of nature will be at peace. It is then, and only then, that the lion will lay down with the lamb." 

"Here at this site, I have given you the solution in its simplicity and its complexity. Yet the debates and controversy continue. Your choices remain confused by the enemy of Heaven's plan here. Wars, terrorism and random acts of violence continue. New diseases continue to surface; peace talks fail." 

"All I ask is that you turn to Me and, with a contrite heart choose Holy Love in every present moment. I will embrace you and protect you." 

"Those who oppose Me will find their way confounded. My Mercy calls them to hasten to repentance and to realize that disunity is not My call." 

"My brothers and sisters, today I implore you, choose Holy Love in the present moment, for it is through Holy Love right reason can be restored to hearts, and the universe can be restored to harmony in God's Divine Will. It is important that every heart turn to Me during these desperate times." 

"We're blessing you with the Complete Blessing of the United Hearts."