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New Year Message - Jan 1, 2014

Ned Dougherty - Wednesday, January 01, 2014

 Announcing Ned's New Radio Show....
                       December 22, 2013

What in the world is Ned Dougherty up to?God knows! I am merely following His plan!

From my first near-death experience (July 2, 1984) as written in Fast Lane to Heaven” (page 75): “I saw myself becoming involved in the film industry… I seemed to have developed a sense of wanting to communicate very important ideas to others and that the film, television, and media outlets provided the means for me.”

In November 2012, I planned a two-week trip to Newport Beach, CA to assist my son, Michael, age 22, in pursuing his acting career. I’m still here in Southern California – both out of economic necessity and a realization that this move was all part of God’s plan. Years ago, I wrote a screenplay for Fast Lane to Heaven; a TV series concept, titled South Beach Spirit; and I am currently writing a treatment for another film project hopefully to be filmed on Shelter Island, NY, featuring Michael in his first lead role. Ultimately, the goal is to produce mainstream, yet inspiring Film/TV projects, particularly a film version of my book – a 3-5 year project - with Michael playing the role of his father, yours truly!

If you are interested in becoming an investor in our Film/TV projects and/or you are an industry professional (actor, producer, writer, director, crew person, etc.), please contact us and join our network!

Email:                           Call Ned: 1-800-253-5218

What about the Sugarloaf, PA community? Although I thought that the community would become a reality in 2008-2009, the project was tabled just weeks before the closing. In the sequence of events that I had been shown on July 2, 1984, Sugarloaf will become a reality as a community in a time frame parallel to the film version of my book – therefore, hopefully within the next five years. Any further details will be forthcoming at:

What about SoberLifeUSA? Helping other alcoholics and drug addicts has always been personally a part of my mission, as well as that of the Mission of AngelsIn May 2013, I became a Sobriety Advocate to SoberLifeUSA - an innovative medical approach to alcoholism, as well as other addictions, specifically heroin and other opiates. At SoberLifeUSA in Orange County California, MDs perform a minimally invasive procedure, utilizing an FDA approved medication that greatly reduces or completely eliminates the physical craving for alcohol and/or opiates within hours, typically lasting 240-360 days. Recently, a five-year study showed an 84% sobriety success rate. Most insurance plans are accepted.

If you, a family member, or friend have a drinking problem and/or an opiate addiction, and are willing to travel to Orange County, CA for a three-five day period, I will personally assist you with the SoberLifeUSA program. Typically, clients can return home to a healthy lifestyle without the necessity of a long-term inpatient or outpatient program. However, theSoberLifeUSA program strongly urges clients to become involved in counseling and 12-step programs to assure a successful sobriety program. The SoberLifeUSA program includes a professional staff of licensed addictionologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors, who design a treatment and recovery plan that best suits each client’s needs. In the event that a client desires to remain in Orange County CA for a recovery period, SoberLifeUSA can provide referrals to sober-living arrangements.

More info:      Email:     Call: 1-800-4LIFEUSA

What about “The Sober Time Show”? “New York Ned” is the host of a new radio show on Los Angeles “Angels” Sports Radio AM830 – Sunday Evenings 6:00-6:30PM (Pacific Standard Time). Guests include Alcoholism Professionals and/or Recovering Alcoholics, who wish to share their experience, strength, and hope (anonymously).

Become a guest: Call 1-800-253-5218   Listen Live:

What about the Mission of Angels Foundation? In September 2001, I founded theMission of Angels Foundation Inc. (an IRS recognized 501c.3 Public Charity) which launchedEnd Times Daily on May 1, 2011. So our new site is almost two-years and eight months old and very successful in terms of numbers of visitors.  Even though traffic to our site has been increasing by leaps and bounds, donations have actually dwindled, which apparently is an economic sign of the times! Reportedly, internet users are increasingly more resistant to paying for internet services – thinking that the internet is “free”, so therefore the content should be free. Reality indicates otherwise; maintaining our website and related expenses have outstripped our income!

Unfortunately, our fundraising efforts have been thwarted by the U.S. Postal Servicemistakenly returning mail to sender from the Southampton address. If you have received return mail, please re-address to:

Mission of Angels Foundation, P.O. Box 1971, Costa Mesa, California 92628-1971

Why does the Mission of Angels Foundation need financial support? Seriously, folks, we need your financial support, and I know I can count on you! I am living on Social Security retirement benefits and, as a Sobriety Advocate, a minimal stipend that does not provide for much more than my expenses. However, I have had to personally contribute substantially to Mission of Angels to keep the mission going.  

In reality though, I must count on our Patrons and Subscribers to assist us throughout each year. In the past since 2001, the Mission of Angels Foundation has relied almost exclusively on the annual Holiday Season campaign to ask for your IRS tax-deductible donations to sustain us through year’s end.  Once again this Holiday Season, the Mission of Angels Foundation is counting on your tax-deductible donations to support our mission and keepEnd Times Daily alive and online!


● Become a Patron with an annual donation of $36.00 or more

● As a free Subscriber, make an annual (suggested) donation of $20.00 or more

● Support the Mission of Angels Online Store

● By mail, send your tax-deductible donations to OUR NEW ADDRESS:

Mission of Angels Foundation, P.O. Box 1971, Costa Mesa, California 92628-1971

During the 2013 Christmas Season, I hope that you will consider autographed copies of my book FAST LANE TO HEAVEN as a great gift choice for family members, friends, and loved ones, particularly for those who are living in fear of death; those who have lost their faith in God; and those who are driving in the fast lane of the materialistic world with addictions to alcohol or drugs. Please visit The Angels Online Store to purchase the book, the audio/video productions, and/or the gift items.

Unfortunately, the holiday cupboard is bare at the Mission of Angels Foundation and we have bills to pay from 2013 and missions to accomplish in 2014. Your purchase orders will help us to pay our expenses and achieve our goals. We are also asking for your generous support at this time by making a contribution so that we may continue our missions. Whatever you can offer, your tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated.

May you and your family enjoy a Blessed Christmas & Peaceful New Year!

Ned Dougherty

  We continue to need your help! For the Christmas Holidays and for Expenses in 2014, Please make your tax-deductible donation now to the Mission of Angels Foundation (An IRS Recognized 501 (c) (3) Public Charity),P.O. Box 1971, Costa Mesa, CA 92628-1971