Obama Is Guilty!

As early as July 2016, END TIMES DAILY/NED DOUGHERTY had reported on the illegal activity of Obama himself and his lackeys - Brennan, Clapper, Comey, et al., and their attempts to sabotage Candidate Trump. By the time President Trump was inaugurated, they were all collectively guilty of traitorous activities and treason. Now it's all coming out! CLICK HERE to see a recent report by Fox News.


The Senate COVID-19 Hearings: The Lies!

Come from 'Little Anthony' Fauci who is beholding to W.H.O., Gates Foundation, Big Pharma as he pushes the Gates Vaccine. THE TRUTH!: House Rep. Andy Biggs ( R-AZ): "Dr. Fauci has continually used his bully pulpit to bring public criticism on governors who are seeking to open up their states... The Fauci-Birx team have replaced faith w/ fear & hope w/ despair. The remedy is to open up our society [read more...]


CBS “60 Minutes” Becomes Shill Fest For China Communist Party & Globalist Gates’ Interests!… Plus Anti-trump Stooges For The Demoncrats!!

Nothing in this CBS Propaganda Piece is factual, starting with Scott Pelley, a Hire-A-Liar Hitman who is not intelligent enough to produce and edit this dribble on his own. You better believe this entirely transparent disaster/fantasy was written by the Bill & Melinda Gates' Disney Foundation! Peter Daszak, as you may already suspect, is a Scientist/Psychopath, who travels the world to remote and primitive locations to capture wildlife that may breed [read more...]